Connecting With Greatness

We’ve been a part of some amazing movie releases that were great; 57 movies as of 2023, which have earned $1.4 BILLION in theaters and they’ve been seen by an estimated theater-going audience of 165 MILLION people!

We continue to work with incredible missions' outreaches that are accomplishing great work, like touching the lives of 2 MILLION children in 25 countries. 

We’ve published the live video streams for 2.3 MILLION sermons from some of the most humble servants who continually astound us with their wisdom. 

As you can see, we get to work around a lot of greatness. 
But the truth about us, what really defines us, is our desire to serve our Great God.

If you have a desire to be a part of something great, connect with us!

Ministry & Business

The thought of blending ministry through business started in conversations between Kyle Thompson and James Olson while in college. After graduating, Kyle went to work in media and movie ministry for churches, and James into church missions and later, on the field in Mexico. It wasn’t until years later, in January 2014, that those conversations turned into what was to become Catalyst Resource & Missions Groups.

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Catalyst: Missions, Movies, Media Streaming

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Missions Group/Resource Group

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Client Support
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Executive Director
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Director of IT
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Executive Director
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