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We are happy to introduce you to our leadership team – Kyle, James and Matt. Although we have many more team members, these are the three guys you will interact with the most so we want  you to get to know them a little better. They are down-to-earth, fun-loving guys who are really good at what they do. You will enjoy working with them, and you can count on them getting results for you.

Kyle Thompson

Kyle ThompsonFor more than 20 years Kyle Thompson has been promoting compelling stories of faith to the world through film and television. Thompson got his start in 1994 while still a college student when he helped re-launch Impact Production’s TV commercial division into Media Outreach. His gifted leadership over a decade expanded the division into media campaigns, media buying, made-for-tv film syndication, streaming sermons, and custom video and website production with 80 employees, serving over 7,000 local churches and proclaiming powerful faith messages to millions of people around the U.S. and in 26 countries.

By 2004, Thompson had transitioned his focus over to the “big screen,” when he joined the marketing team for Mel Gibson’s legendary film, The Passion of the Christ. His experience opened a door for him to develop a syndicated television campaign leveraging the influence of 500+ pastors to endorse and promote the movie through their local TV stations. Since that time Kyle has served on marketing teams as well as produced behind the scenes videos to promote more than 25 other theatrically released faith & family films, including Miracles From Heaven, Courageous, Heaven is For Real, and Fireproof.

Kyle’s broad base of experience and knowledge has uniquely positioned him to help a wide variety of clients find success for their projects.  In 2014, Kyle and his team were called on to broker one of the largest single client movie ticket purchases in cinema history, buying over 200,000 tickets in coordination with more than 700 churches for opening weekend shows for 20th Century Fox’s, Son of God.

A lover of movies and a lover of Christ and His church, Kyle is known by many pastors as “The Movie Guy”, and he has become a sought after consultant for movie development and marketing at all phases.

Thompson is the co-owner and Chief Executive Officer for Catalyst Resource Group; a group which serves to engage an audience of 200k Church leaders and other non-profit groups with the products, services and programs of its clients. The business has recently served a variety clients in the entertainment, non-profit, and tourism industries, including Sony Pictures, Compassion International, and Israel’s Ministry of Tourism.

He lives in Tulsa, OK with his wife and four children who all attend and serve at Church on The Move.

James Olson

JamesNever under estimate the power of focus! James Olson’s life-message “put on your Kingdom glasses” has not only guided his education, career and business paths but influenced many others to view the world and their purpose with a new focus.

Olson is the co-owner and Chief Operations Officer of Catalyst Resource Group; a group which serves to engage Evangelical churches and other non-profit groups with the products, services and programs of its clients. The business has provided effective church engagement for a variety of clients such as Sony Pictures, Israel Ministry of Tourism, Mark Burnett & Roma Downey for (NBC’s TV series A.D.), City on A Hill Studio and others.

James is known for developing strategies to fund missions through business enterprise. In 2002 he and his wife Cassie founded Oaxacafe Coffee Co., a coffee roasting and wholesale business used to fund missional activities in the impoverished region where much of their coffee was cultivated. From 2006 to 2009 they continued to advance by installing 11 gourmet espresso cafes in a three state area, again, using the profits to fund missions. From 2009 to 2011, the Olson’s served as Administrative Directors for Roca Blanca Missions Base in Oaxaca, Mexico. While living abroad, James completed his Spanish language studies.

In addition to strategic development, Olson excels in public speaking, Bible teaching and writing. The focus of much of his teaching and writing is connected to world missions and kingdom missiology. This focus has earned James the nickname, “The Missions Guy,” which he now uses for his missional blog posts. His focus on Missional Marketing has placed him in the current role, managing Catalyst Resource Group’s activities with Compassion International of Colorado Springs. In this role, he oversees a church engagement team and manages strategic partnerships with organizations such as Global United Fellowship and it’s nearly 600 affiliated churches.

James has a great passion to inspire U.S. Church leaders and Christians toward effective involvement in world missions. He loves connecting U.S. pastors with foreign missions. In 2012, James partnered with Project Hope in Managua, Nicaragua and set up a leadership training institute for struggling pastors in Nicaragua. This ministry continues today, allowing the experience of U.S. pastors to invest in and help struggling pastors and churches in this developing nation. The program will open a new branch in Haiti in the coming year.

James lives in Tulsa, OK with his wife Cassie and two children, Saralyn and Andy.

Matt Dickerson

Matt Dickerson

Matt Dickerson is a leader, strategist, and powerhouse networker on behalf of the clients he serves. His tenacious work ethic combined with years of marketing experience simply get results. At the 2015 National Religious Broadcasters Conference, Matt caused a stir on Twitter when he challenged the legendary Chuck Norris to an arm wrestling match in the Opryland atrium. Norris never showed up to arm wrestle, but Matt had gained everyone’s attention . . . just like that.  In 2014 while working on Sony Pictures’, Heaven is For Real, Matt leveraged Oprah Winfrey’s #OWNAmbassadors to ask her to see the movie, which she did and became an advocate for the film to her 20+ million twitter followers around the world..

Matt serves as Catalyst Resource Group’s Director of Church Engagement, overseeing both the Missions and Movie teams and continues to serve as the in-house social media connection expert. Through years of experience, he has learned how to leverage influential voices on behalf of clients and he knows how to convey effective messages to target audiences to gain results.

Matt lives in the Tulsa area with his wife Alicia and four children. They attend and serve at The Bridge Church in Bixby, OK.