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Our Philosophy

Our Story

The heart and soul of what makes Catalyst Resource Group uniquely effective started more than 20 years ago when Catalyst partners, Kyle Thompson and James Olson, landed together in Washington DC as selected participants in the Student Leadership Forum at the National Prayer Breakfast. It was during this event that these two young men considered the dream of working together for a greater cause. That cause, from then until today, is understood as the cause of Christ and being a blessing to His Church around the world.

“Go into every man’s world . . .”  was a central theme of Oral Roberts who inspired both Kyle and James to understand the broader spectrum of living a missional life no matter where you live or what career path you choose. Throughout their college years Kyle and James were stirred to consider how business and missions could be effectively paired together in a way to benefit the Church.

Preparation – Kyle

Upon graduation in 1994, Kyle began his career in church engagement, marketing and media by working for a Tulsa based ministry, Impact Productions. Kyle’s first position involved the development of high quality TV commercials that were custom labeled and sold to literally thousands of local churches nationwide. Under Kyle’s leadership the business grew into a multi-million dollar sales producer while allowing him to develop invaluable marketing / sales skills and relationships with faith leaders around the U.S.

In 2004, Kyle stepped over into movie marketing, working on church engagement for Mel Gibson’s, The Passion of the Christ. It was during this season that Kyle formed Catalyst Productions. Kyle’s success in garnering the support of church leaders for this film earned him and his newly formed company a respected position in the “faith movie” marketing sector.

From 2004 to 2014 Kyle, along with his wife Deanna, grew the effective reach and services of Catalyst Productions through church engagement marketing on 18 theatrical released movies. During that 10 year period, Catalyst Productions amassed a significant database of more than 200,000 church leaders and faith movie goers, giving the company a significant means for communicating directly with a viable target audience. Additionally, Kyle has become a friend to many Church and non-profit ministry leaders around the U.S., living by his motto “your gift will make room for you.”

Preparation – James

From 1994 to 2002 James served in two pastoral positions at mega sized churches. During this time he developed clear understanding of the inner working and needs of Evangelical Churches and their pastors. In 2002, James and his wife Cassie launched out from church ministry to begin working on their life long vision to connect business and global missions. They formed Oaxacafe Coffee Company, an entrepreneurial business created to fund missional activities among impoverished indigenous people of Oaxaca, Mexico. The company opened a micro-roasting facility and installed 11 espresso cafes in three states. In 2009, James and Cassie sold the business and moved to Oaxaca, Mexico to work in leadership and administration of a Christian Missions Base. In this role James continued to work closely with U.S. churches recruiting and hosting medical, construction and youth ministry teams in Oaxaca for short term missions trips. Upon return to the U.S., James has been teaching college students the philosophy of effective world missions and the practical applications of combining business and missions.

Our Partnership

In January of 2014, Kyle and James joined forces to work on a major project, 20th Century Fox’s, Son of God movie. The project was a blending of business and missions as they represented Compassion International, a global missions organization, in setting up approximately 650 movie showtime buyouts for churches across America to enjoy a sponsored show on opening weekend. With this tremendous project, a business partnership was formed and Catalyst Productions began the transition to become the more comprehensive model now called, Catalyst Resource Group.

Since the formation of partnership in 2014, Catalyst has continued to provide marketing services for faith movies, bringing the total number of theatrical releases worked on to 27 . . . and counting. In addition, to church engagement marketing services for movies, the company has also developed other unique church engagement services for clients such as Compassion International and Israel Ministry of Tourism.

More than 40 years of combined marketing, media, church and missions experience has helped Kyle and James to develop the uniquely effective products and services that the company is pleased to offer.