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Church Engagement

Working with churches since 1994, we are church engagement experts who understand the church world. We are committed to listening and responding to what our church leaders want and need. We sincerely want to help church leaders succeed. For this reason we have developed strong relational equity with many pastors and leaders around the United States.

Catalyst Resource Group is connected to the 1,500 largest churches in America. We work continuously to maintain accurate information for the more than 55,000 (and growing) other U.S. churches in our database.

Faith Movies

Catalyst Resource Group connects you with target audiences, guides you step-by-step through the process, manages all the logistics with theaters and distributes “free” tickets within local churches on your behalf. When showtime arrives, the theater will be full of happy people who listen to your message and long remember your kindness…and your name.

Missional Strategies

Catalyst Resource Group is pleased to serve various types of clients that offer ministry tools, services or programs related to Christian missions, church growth, evangelism and disciple-making. Our work is to engage the local church on their behalf. We are the bridge.

Social Media

Our roadmap for success includes raising brand awareness through social media. We identify where your audience is and get your message in front of them, creating a strategy that will achieve specific, measurable results. Allow our team to help you create build engagement and a strong following for your project.