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Catalyst Resource Group is pleased to serve various types of clients that offer ministry tools, services or programs related to Christian missions, church growth, evangelism and disciple-making. Our work is to engage the local church on their behalf. We are the bridge.

The word “missional” is commonly used in different ways in today’s business and ministry environments. For us, we understand this term in the context of the Latin word “Missio” which means “sending out.” We serve clients that desire to connect their ministry tools, programs and services with U.S. churches, to “send out” effective resources for a greater good.

Since 2014 Catalyst Resource Group has been pleased to serve Compassion International to engage churches on their behalf. Each day our Church Resource Specialists are connecting local pastors from churches of all sizes to the various effective tools that Compassion has to offer. We are happy to say that our client is benefiting, U.S. churches are benefiting and children in developing nations are benefitting.

This is just one example of how Catalyst Media Group does effective Missional Marketing.