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Catalyst connects and engages our 200,000 movie appreciating-church leaders audience to produce results for our client’s projects while utilizing the project’s inherent resources to serve our church leader’s needs. In this way, we see ourselves as the bridge that allows the flow between both. Because we only work on films that are a resource to the mission of the church leaders we serve, they continue to see us as a trusted resource, and our clients know that we believe in their story enough to connect it with our audience.

Catalyst Resource Group has 12 years experience in effectively marketing faith movies to the Christian audience. While working on more than 30 movie projects, we have developed key relationships with thousands of church and non-profit leaders, built a massive church leaders and movie supporter database, and most importantly gained an understanding of what works for each of our clients.

Our Services

Our belief in the value of a grass-roots level feedback and engagement drives us to get into direct connection with our church leader audience as early as possible. We are real people speaking to real people not just a thumbs up from the Cloud.

Our team can be brought in at nearly any phase of a film’s life cycle; whether prior to production or simply during the theatrical release. However, communication, connection, and developing and implementing a strategy takes ongoing time and effort. Because we start with an broad overview and work down to focus on the specific people who will drive the success of a movie in a particular market, we prefer to start in the process as early as possible on a release strategy.