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We Deliver the Faith & Family Audience to You!

We connect you with our 200,000 Christian leaders to jumpstart the success of your project.

Our Services

We Multiply Your Results

  • Faith & Family Audience Engagement
  • Feature Film & TV Marketing
  • Direct to Consumer Engagement
  • Entertainment Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Blogger Outreaches
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Licensing Plans & Management
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plans
  • Product & Content Development
  • Content & Creative Advisement
Through our Movie Guest service, we delivered 1500 pastors and their guests to 10 simultaneous VIP movie events around the nation.
Project: Israel Ministry of Tourism
Within 5 months of development, our church engagement team doubled our client’s bookings for their traveling exhibit.
Project: Compassion Experience

During the last decade Catalyst engaged 200,000 church leaders with 8 of the 13 highest grossing faith-based films grossing over $700M in ticket sales.

Project: Marketing for Movies

We Connect Church Leaders with Faith Movies…
and other Strategic Resources!

Over the last decade we connected 200,000 church leaders with faith movies as an intentional strategy to energize and grow their churches.

Case Studies

Delivered 1500 Senior Pastors


Church Leader Connection

Created a 10-city premiere event outside of the studio’s marketing team, booked theater buyouts, and delivered 1500 Senior Pastors and guests through special events on opening night

Booked $200k in Ticket Sales


Church Leader Pre-Sales

Retained to provide the logistical backbone for church groups interested in opening weekend tickets, Catalyst worked one-on-one with hundreds of pastors and booked nearly $200k in opening weekend ticket sales prior to opening weekend.

Gathered 200 Leader Endorsements


Church Leader Engagement

Developed a wider church audience strategy to identify and connect church leaders willing to speak out for a story with controversy. Gathered nearly 200 endorsements from church leaders and hosted the director of the film at 6 megachurch services to advance the value of the story beyond the church walls.

Negotiated $2M in Showtime Buyouts


Church Audience Delivery Opening Weekend

Negotiated $2 mm in showtime buyouts in the top 80 markets engaging more than 730 churches and 200 bloggers, promoting and supporting the film.

Delivered 200+ Groups Opening Weekend


Church Segmented Group Engagement and Pre-Sales

Working alongside producer, designed marketing tools and developed advocate group segment within churches to deliver 200+ groups to the theater for opening weekend accounting for an estimated 80% of total opening weekend ticket sales

Negotiated Free Airtime


Behind the Scenes Fan Videos

Along with all church engagement, developed on set stories and interviews into marketing videos to galvanize early adopters in supporting the film. Long length (30 minute) video developed and free airtime negotiated for showing on TBN and Daystar prior to theatrical release as well as included on DVD.

> 8000 Licensed Church Showings


Group Showings and Licensing Revenue

Co-developed non-theatrical church licensing model to expand the church leader audience prior to home entertainment release eventually leading to more than 8,000 licensed church showings of the film in the first year after release

Delivered 700+ Church Endorsements


Church Leader Endorsement

Maximized opportunities from pre-screening attendees; developed concept & licensed co-branded TV commercial rights; delivered 700+ church endorsements & paid presentations of commercial. Placed in >200 markets; yielded $1M in free airtime; developed church leader relationships for acceptance of R-rated film by evangelicals.

Who is Catalyst?

We connect faith-driven leaders with marketing, movie and missional resources to cultivate strategic relationships and produce Kingdom results.
Our promise is simple.

  • We will always do what we say and we will work hard for our clients’ projects.
  • We will not say ‘yes’ to a project that we, ourselves, do not believe honors God.
  • We will honor pastors’ and churches’ time and do not see them as assets, but as partners in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • We will honor God in all we say and do.
C – Capability: We set high standards and achieve quality through diligence, attention to detail and intentional stewardship of our potential and capacity.

A – Action: We are creative and innovative. We take action, meet challenges, maximize opportunities and find solutions.

T – Trustworthy: We build high trust relationships by honoring our commitments to others. We are ethical, honest and fair with everyone.

A – Achievement: We commit to continually learn, grow and achieve greater results and rewards for all stakeholders.

L – Leveraging Resources: We manage the resources entrusted to us with integrity and excellence to grow our business, bless our families, empower the Church, do good in our communities, and advance God’s Kingdom.

Y – Yes We Can: We delight our clients and partners by exceeding their expectations. We have can-do attitudes and bring life to our relationships through the power of positivity.

S – Servant Leadership: We equip people to integrate their faith at work and practice servant leadership using biblical and business best practices.

T – Teamwork: We value team members by communicating clearly and honestly, listening attentively and collaborating with one another to achieve optimal results.

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