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Catalyst Resource Group is pleased to partner with CruMilitary and Man Up God’s Way to bring you a Bible study and devotional to use with Hacksaw Ridge.


CruMilitary Bible Study


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Catalyst Resource Group is pleased to provide this amazing devotional and Bible Study; Faithful Under Fire.

In partnership with the Study’s creators, CruMilitary and additional input from The Navigators, we are honored to stand alongside our uniformed heroes who find themselves needing to be “faithful under fire”.

Our heroes, just like WWII Army medic and Medal of Honor recipient Private First Class Desmond Doss, recently portrayed in Lionsgate Entertainment’s film Hacksaw Ridge, faithfully serve with honor and distinction because it’s the right and godly thing to do.

For those that serve in uniform today, it still takes a special courage to hold onto one’s biblical convictions in what is an increasingly pluralistic or secular “marketplace.” The need to live faithfully in this world as citizens of our Nation while reserving our highest allegiance to the Kingdom of God is as great as it has even been. Service members pledge to serve and even die so we can live our lives in freedom. That’s a heavy burden to bear without Jesus.  Click below to receive your free copy today of Faithful Under Fire to share with a hero in your life!

“Inspirational and hard-hitting. Hacksaw Ridge absolutely delivers an incredible, true story of self-sacrifice, courage and heroism during one of the most intense battles of WWII. Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss was a man unashamed of his faith who persevered through unrelenting adversity and persecution. This movie is a must see!”

Keith Morgan
Cru Military National Director 

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Cru Military is a division of Campus Crusade for Christ, International, also known as “Cru”. Through evangelistic Bible studies, faith-based resources, momentum events, and in partnership with military Chaplains, we seek to transform military communities for Jesus Christ.

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The Navigators® is an international, interdenominational Christian ministry established in 1933 as an outreach for followers of Jesus Christ to help others come to know and grow in Him as they navigate through life – a goal embodied by The Navigators motto, “to Know Christ and to Make Him Known®.”

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Man Up God’s Way

Men’s Devotional


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Catalyst Resource Group is honored to furnish the Hacksaw Ridge Men’s Devotional in partnership with its creator, Jody Burkeen and Man Up Ministries, as well as the American Bible Study who helped in the editing process.

The Hacksaw Ridge Men’s Devotional uses themes from the movie including an emphasis on daily bible reading and prayer, both of which are modeled by Desmond Doss. It includes a daily challenge meant to strengthen men in their individual walk with God.

“Real world Christianity is raw and unfiltered; unlike the sterile version we see in many churches. If we take the opportunity to ‘pop’ the Christian bubble we live in, we can see the need to reach a sinful world that is looking for honesty, consistency, and a faith that is uncompromising. HACKSAW RIDGE portrays the real life of Desmond Doss, a faithful Christian, in the middle of hell. In pure Mel Gibson fashion, this movie is the ‘real’ world in the life of a Christian dedicated to God’s calling in his life. Despite it’s R-rating (violence), Men’s Ministry leaders and Pastors need to embrace this movie and use it as a tool to help promote the Gospel to a lost and dying world.”
Jody Burkeen
Pastor and Founder
Man Up God’s Way Ministries

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MAN UP! Gods Way, was founded in an effort to call “lukewarm” Christian men to stop being “spiritual sissies” and start living up to the challenge that God has laid out before us in His holy Word. In an effort to change the direction of Christian men, Man Up God’s Way is challenging the manhood of these men. MAN UP doesn’t believe that being a man means you can chew through steel or bend iron, but that being a man means we will be disciplined in our relationship with Christ.It’s time, time to MAN UP!

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American Bible Society – Comfort and Hope from the Scriptures for Veterans God understands you. He understands your hopes and dreams. And he understands your sorrow and fear — every one of your emotions. Let the words of the God Understands series bring you needed hope, healing, comfort and encouragement.

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