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Movie Marketing

Our goal is to find and deliver opportunities within various areas of influence to drive the value of social, online and traditional media through campaign initiatives, retail products and materials.


  • Gain PR through testimonials, endorsements and key speaking events
  • Organize and oversee hosted test screenings with faith leader audiences to determine potential impact in the church market
  • Implement ‘next step’ marketing strategies for connected groups
  • Work with late adopters to use the film as a group event in churches to provide additional revenue and awareness for Home Entertainment

Consulting and Strategies

Consulting is always meant to link outside experience with your organization’s current predicament to create a bridge of success. Our approach builds bridges to link where a project is today with the most firm next step.

Catalyst brings inspiration and excitement tempered in realism to the table because through our team’s combined six decades of experience. In both huge success and head-scratching disappointments for movie releases, marketing outreaches, missions assignments, and sales training and strategies, we have learned, duly noted, and reassessed the success metrics to constantly make improvements for the future.

Production and Funding

Catalyst Resource Group provides influencers and leaders for specific set visits to build early awareness and partnership opportunities. We provide a Christian leader “voice” on your story/script to avoid pitfalls and traps and produce behind-the-scenes vignettes and interviews to be used in marketing to develop early fans of the film, exclusive media outlet video opportunities, and later, home entertainment marketing and DVD extras.

We work with you to develop the presentation, to secure the investment and develop church engagement products with retail partners.