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bridgeAt Catalyst Resource Group we understand that powerful marketing must first be RELATIONAL and not simply INFORMATIONAL. Traditional marketing was designed for the seller to impress the buyer with persuasive facts and information in hopes they will buy the product. In contrast, Engagement Marketing means connecting with audiences who want to hear from you and then sharing the information in relevant and meaningful ways. This type of marketing becomes a two-way conversation that essentially impacts all who participate in the process. Catalyst Resource Group helps our clients understand what the customer is looking for and we help the customers understand the value of our client’s products and services. We are the bridge that connects the two to create a win-win.

Engagement Focus

Church Leaders – Working with churches since 1994, we are church engagement experts who understand the church world. We are committed to listening and responding to what our church leaders want and need. We sincerely want to help church leaders succeed. For this reason we have developed strong relational equity with many pastors and leaders around the United States.

Catalyst Resource Group is connected to the 1,500 largest churches in America. We work continuously to maintain accurate information for the more than 57,000 (and growing) other U.S. churches in our database.

Christian Audience – Ultimately, our clients desire to tap into the power of nearly 94 million Evangelical Christians living in America today. These consumers listen to the people they trust such as pastors and church leaders and other church goers who share their values. With the power of social media, just a mention from some Christian leaders about a movie, book, or just about anything else creates a level of trust within their sphere of influence.

Engagement marketing at Catalyst Resource Group involves reaching directly to the massive Christian audience. We currently have direct communication with over 200,000 Christian leaders, creating a wide voice for our clients and their products.

Christian Ministries and Non-profit Organizations – Every para-church ministry and non-profit organization must have two things, first a mission or purpose and second a constituency of supporters. In addition to working with churches, Catalyst Resource Group often relates to ministries and non-profit groups to engage their constituents on behalf of our clients. We look intentionally for ministries or non-profit organizations whose mission is in line with the client’s product or service. Through the years we have developed strong relationships with national leadership for many such ministries and organizations.