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Bridge BW CRG Consulting

Consulting carries the weight of various expectations.

Ultimately, it is always meant to link outside experience with your organization’s current predicament to create a bridge of success.

And usually that means looking for the ‘Secret Formula’…

Consulting Focus

The Secret Formula

Unfortunately, few will to admit it, but there is no ‘Secret Formula’…just as there is no magic bullet and there is no certainty in anything except death and taxes (and of course the love of Christ).  So it is from a place of reality that Catalyst’s consulting builds bridges to link where a project is today with the most firm next step and so on.


Catalyst brings inspiration and excitement tempered in realism to the table because in our combined 6 decades of team experience we don’t pretend to act like we’ve only known success. In both huge success and head-scratching disappointments for movie releases, marketing outreaches, missions assignments, and sales training & strategies, we have learned, duly noted, and reassessed the success metrics to constantly make improvements for the future.

It Works

Catalyst consulting delivers a well-rounded, creative approach to developing AND implementing a workable, step-by-step strategy.  Though many projects have similar methodologies, we don’t deliver templated systems, but instead, assess the desired outcome and work backwards to find the steps of delivery within the allotted timeline. Success should be apparent, but the day-to-day steps have to work with any given team’s capacity.