Develop greater gratitude, generosity and discipleship
in your church families through Compassion strategies and resources.

Energize a spirit of gratefulness when your church family serves children in poverty.

Encourage Gratitude

Inspire a spirit of generosity when your people pour love and support into a child’s heart.

Increase Generosity

Deepen Christ-like compassion when your people respond to suffering children.

Develop Disciples

The only independently researched child sponsorship program in the world.

Compassion Works

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Why Compassion?

Can you imagine a simple ministry strategy that causes your church family to develop more gratitude, increase in generosity and become personally involved in fulfilling the Great Commission? Thousands of pastors have experienced this transformation in their churches when they partner with Compassion International through child sponsorship.

The ministry model of Compassion has become a key discipleship catalyst for churches of all sizes around America. When you give the people in your church an opportunity to live out their faith in a tangible way, it multiplies a spirit of generosity. But most important, your partnership with Compassion raises up a new generation of disciples by introducing children living in poverty to Jesus. That’s what the Great Commission is all about.

Listen to what other pastors say below about their experience and you won’t be asking, “Why Compassion?” You be will asking “How do I get started?”

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What Pastors Are Saying About Compassion

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Compassion Sunday

Compassion Sunday is an opportunity to energize your church family by giving people a very personal way for them to engage in mission and express their love for God.

Let God use you this Compassion Sunday to share His deep love for children with the members of your church.

When you partner with Compassion, you can rescue thousands of children from the despair of poverty and give them a brand new start in life.

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Lost Kites Event

“LOST KITES” follows a young film team seeking answers to the global orphan crisis, and end up meeting three kids who change their lives. Caught in street life, orphanage care, and abandonment by heart defect, these three must face mountainous challenges. But the team finds hope in a powerful family-based model that will forever change the way we view orphan care.

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In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus teaches us what He wants his followers to do until his return. Making disciples starts within our own homes and churches, and then it moves outward as God’s mission to the very ends of the earth!

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