5 Tough Questions Every Pastor Should Ask About Missions

//5 Tough Questions Every Pastor Should Ask About Missions

5 Tough Questions Every Pastor Should Ask About Missions

As a missions guy, of course I think every church should focus a huge amount of its attention and resources on the Great Commission. You’ve probably heard it said,

‘God does not have a mission for his Church; He has a Church for His mission’

But I’m also a pragmatic, understanding that every church has to some degree its own direction and focus . . . every pastor has his /her own sense of where God is leading. Pastors are shepherds and so they tend to feed the sheep in their favorite pastures, right?

Still, I contend that whatever revelation you may have about “how to do church”, there must be serious consideration of the words our Master spoke to the first church,

“ . . . go and make disciples of all nations . . .” Matthew 28:19

Through the years in my conversations with pastors (especially the more analytical ones), I have encountered an underlying, maybe even nagging feeling many of them have that what they are doing in this area simply isn’t satisfactory. After all, just read the first few chapters of Revelation and notice that Jesus is keeping track of “the good, the bad and the ugly” of what specific local churches are doing (and not doing).

Could it be that since Jesus gave a commission that is so clearly documented in our Bible, we will be accountable for not making this a greater priority as we lead his church?

Here are 5 tough questions that I think every pastor should consider about his/her global missions focus:

  1. Am I leading and teaching my people so they understand the Great Commission of Jesus and God’s heart for the nations?
  1. Is my church’s missions program solid and effective or is it just “going through the motions?”
  1. How important is it to distinguish between what is foreign & local missions in terms of investing missions budget and resources?
  1. At what level am I accountable to know where and how our missions giving is being spent?
  1. If I talk about and promote missions too much, how will that affect the tithe in my church?

If the answers to these 5 questions are important to you, stay tuned as we look at Biblical and practical answers to each one, in the coming weeks.


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